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Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Growing popular support to the Catalan independence, according to a survey

Madrid, Nov 1st.- The number of citizens in favor of Catalonia becomes an independent state rose to 48.7 %, compared with a 43.6 % contrary to the separation of this Spanish region, revealed a probe.

The survey was conducted by the Center for the Study of Opinion (CEO) of the Generalitat (Catalan self-government) between 16 and 29 October, a period that coincided with the unilateral declaration of independence, adopted on Friday by the regional parliament.

In response to this challenge and with the backing of the Spanish Senate, the government of Mariano Rajoy dismissed on the same day, the President of the autonomous community, Carles Puigdemont, dissolved the legislative assembly and called early elections for the 21 of december.

Compared to the previous investigation of the CEO, prepared between 26 June and 11 July-, the number of Catalan in favor of the secession of that territory of 7.5 million inhabitants has increased by more than 7 percentage points.

In the so-called Political Opinion Barometer of three months ago, not to an eventual Catalan Republic stood well above (49.4 %) if that option (41.1 %).

The study of the center of the Generalitat opinion poll released this Tuesday showed, in addition, that the independence forces would obtain an absolute majority in seats (not in votes) in the autonomic unicameral chamber.

According to the CEO, who interviewed 338 thousand people, the former ruling coalition together for the JxSi If (capitalist) and the candidacy of Popular Unity (CUP) would amount to between 68 and 72 seats.

Would be the same seats or four less regard to the results of the elections in the region on 27 September 2015, which would guarantee a JxSi and the CUP - in case of a new covenant- the parliamentary majority, fixed in 68 of 135 Member States.

Together for the If, composed of Esquerra Republic of Catalonia (ERC, left) and the conservative Democratic Party Pdecat (Catalan) of Puigdemont, you would get between 60 and 63 compared to 62 deputies in the parliament dissolved by the Executive Board.

However, it is not yet clear if ERC and Pdecat will repeat his alliance to the autonomy of the 21 of December.

The sum of the seats of JxSi and the cup would again an absolute majority (68 seats) for the field independence, even in the worst case scenario for both of you.

Between the forces opposed to the secession, Citizens (liberals) would remain 25 representatives, while the Socialist Party of Catalonia (PSC) would improve between one and three seats their 16 parliamentarians.

The right-wing Popular Party of Rajoy, training with less representation in the House 11 Catalan, renew their seats or lose a, in accordance with the projection published by the CEO. (PL) (Photo: Internet)