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University of Camagüey, half a century of science and commitment (+ Photos)

By Roberto Estevez Chantada/Journalism Students.                                                                                                    In the early hours of the morning the joy spread its aisles. Some come to learn what will be the dream of their lives; while others have the responsibility to lead the way.

This is how each of their classrooms become protagonists of the future, where blend of youth and experience, you will find the love and also more lasting friendships.

In the afternoons, to prepare for the seminars, the partial…as long as the nights attest to the group meetings for the independent work, the getaways for the dance, and the young music that wakes up in the morning. In it every minute counts.

The big house that we call the University is getting old. Already reaches 50 years of harvesting successes and challenges of reaffirmation and commitment from a 6 November 1967 became the first created by the Revolution.

Future maker…

It has been more than 45 years since Nirian Nieto Martinez first entered a classroom, and although teaching was not the job of your dreams, the magic of the profession caught her.

"Nothing makes me happier than to teach my students some of what I have learned in all these years. Show them the knowledge to succeed, to defend their homeland and appreciate all that this country does for them".

Their 67-year-old Nirian does not abandon her passion. Reincorporated to the teaching after the retreat, currently serves as an advisor to the Vice-rectory Teacher. Like her, many teachers have dedicated a large part of their lives to this institution.

Thanks to their efforts to train men and women of his time, have graduated from the University of Camagüey (UC) Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz, more than 74 thousand professionals, of whom more than 77 1500 foreign nationalities.

The UC account today with 53 races, and they are more than 13 thousand students. For the course 2018-2019 proposed the important goal of achieving Excellence category, the highest distinction awarded by the National Accreditation Board of the centers of higher education in the country.

The DrC. Santiago Lajes Choy, Rector of the house of higher studies, explains that in order to achieve this purpose has prioritized the training of teaching staff. "The center currently has more than 1600 teachers, 250 of them around with the category of Doctor in Sciences and more than 950 Master in different disciplines."

Paul Galindo, Vice-rector for Postgraduate Training and, in addition, that UC has 96 national projects and international development, research and innovation, with a catchment that responds to close to 1 million euros.

The University in the community

The University of Camagüey is one of the institutions of the province that has been directly linked to the work in the communities. The previous school year did the project "The University in the Community", on the initiative of the University Extension and with the support of teachers, students and staff.

The idea aims to support people living in complex communities of the territory, strengthen the political-ideological work, and at the same time, show the young talent of the movement of amateur artists of the center.

After the passage of Hurricane Irma on the north coast of Camagüey, a contingent of university students joined the recovery actions, mainly in the People's Council in the glory- Pilot Beach, in Sierra de Cubitas, and during 15 days worked hand-in-hand with villagers to heal the damage of the meteor in these localities, of the most affected by the fury of the meteorological event.

In addition to Pilot Beach, the young artistic talent came to the communities of the Albertina, Bethlehem, The Glory and Palma City, with varied cultural proposals through magic shows, music, dance and games of participation.

With renewed image…

Today the UC is decked out to celebrate its half century of life. And although the works that are made are not sufficient to restore the totality of their areas, the panorama of most of its facilities and headquarters rejuvenates.

Andrés Díaz, Chief of the Head of Office of the Rector, ensures that the essential actions are concentrated in the painting of the exterior and interior of all buildings that make up the university campus.

"We are working on the change of floor-to-ceiling windows, essentially in the building of the Faculty of Social Sciences, one of the most damaged. All of the parks are receiving a revival and are working in the beautification of the areas of the powers of Applied Science and Engineering, and in the areas surrounding the building of the Rectory.

"With the support of the VLIR, of the Council of Flemish universities in Belgium, professional servers were installed and using fiber optic cables, the Internet bandwidth of all faculties.

"The old dining rooms, located at the entrance of the residences of men, is receiving a total refurbishment. This place will be used to carry out cultural activities organized by the University Students Federation (FEU), which before were made in the parks or other areas, making it difficult to control and security of the students."

The work also includes the repair of the small amphitheater adjacent and the areas of the Library "Felipe Torres Trujillo," he added.

On the occasion of the celebrations for the 50 anniversary of the institution, will be awarded the title of Doctor Honoris Causa to the DrC. Juan Vela Valdés, which recognizes its trajectory as the first Rector of the University of Camagüey.

During 50 years UC has remained faithful to the mission which was granted to him: a university of national and international impact in the formation and development of competent professionals and with values, contribute to local development and the formation of a comprehensive general culture.

Many are the expectations for the date. It now remains to students and workers join forces to every corner of this big house breathe the enthusiasm and the spirit of the celebration by its half century of life, and not as a goal, but a starting point for a transforming work each day more engaged with the progress. (Photos of the author and file)