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Thursday, February 21, 2019
Monday, November 20, 2017

Carsueños: magic that is woven between threads and bits of colors

Camagüey, Nov 20.- Every word of Chantal Samarrea, founder of the Association Nos Rev Unis, which promotes the production of cloth toys in the city of Mirepoix, in the south of France, denotes admiration for the work of the Socio-cultural project Carsueños, of this city.

When I decided to create the Association just over a year ago, I always had the example of the work of Carmen and her team of artisans, which I met in one of my routes in Camagüey, because it is truly a selfless work they have achieved with their dedication, told the ACN in a visit that has just been made to Camagüey.

Carmen Soto González, alma mater of Carsueños from 14 years ago, was the representative of the collective on a recent trip to France, invited by the association to several cities in this European nation.

There held talks and lectures on the history of the doll making, was in textile factories and art galleries, places where they left Donations of Cuban cloth dolls.

In each conference that provided next to the members of Nos Rev Unis, we learned about the value of solidarity and the need to manage the work to identify ourselves through our creations with children suffering from various diseases, just as they have done here, expressed Chantal Samarrea.

In this way she referred to the humanistic character of therapeutic toys, one of the initiatives of Carsueños, through which several activities and donations to the small hospitalized with oncological and hematological malignancies.

The project currently in Camagüey is composed of some 40 wristbands of different ages, who also produced the Rapimuñecos cloth books, educational initiative that allows children to acquire cognitive skills important for their development in society and school development.

From the exchange in France were established guidelines designed to bring both programs and facilitate the donation of Carsueños materials to continue with its human work, an initiative where queen always the imagination and commitment to reach all hearts with each stitch that is woven between colorful scraps of cloth. (ACN) (Photo: Miozotis Fabelo Pinares)