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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Repair the hope, merit greater Camagüey´s builders (Photos)

By John G. Mendoza Medina/ Radio Cadena Agramonte.

Camagüey, Dec 6.- The work of the Camagüey´s builders in favor of the recovery in areas damaged by Hurricane Irma, as well as the force from dissimilar sectors that have assumed equal responsibility, was highlighted during the provincial act by the Day of the worker of the bouquet, which took place in the people's council in Brazil, the municipality of Esmeralda.

There, the member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), General of Army Corps Ramon Espinosa Martin, head of the strategic region of the Middle East, presented this Tuesday awards to representatives of Granma and Santiago de Cuba, which offered their solidarity aid in the devastated areas.

Also the Minister of Construction, René Table Villafaña, distinguished the work of multiple Camagüey´s entities cohesive manner that have been linked to the recovery, and whose workers have become masons to work.

Norberto Galiano de la Vega, general secretary in Camagüey of the National Trade Union of Workers of the Construction, made reference to the duration of the work of the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, pointed out that it is strategic for the country's economic and social development, and referred to important investments that are addressed in the territory, such as the plant for the production of slabs of technology Sandino in the commune of Nuevitas, which came into operation recently.

For his part, Jorge Luis Tapia Fonseca, First Secretary of the PCC in the province, and Isabel González Cárdenas, president of the Assembly of Popular Power at a level equal to, highlighted the work of the sugar company in the construction of houses in the community of New Moscow, with the use of the palms demolished by Irma.

Tapia Fonseca referred to the visible transformation in the people's council in Brazil, including social profit centers that are being built, because in just three months already reaches more than 80% of execution; one hundred homes are built in the old rooming houses - now with better conditions-, together with other in New Moscow.

In addition, commented on the revival of the social infrastructure in Brazil, where advances in Public Health, Education, Trade, Food and Services, Culture, Sports, playgrounds, the rehabilitation of hydraulic and electrical networks, and on the covers of the bed of the small village -National Monument, among other actions that will raise the quality of life of its inhabitants.

The is also a member of the Central Committee of the PCC mentioned the solution to the allocation of the total and partial roof in communities damaged by the meteorological phenomenon, and urge you to continue with similar hustle and constructive dialog, which has also made a positive change in areas of Sierra de Cubitas and Minas, in both announced that it will intensify the work from now on in Nuevitas.

Accompanied by visitors and the authorities of the province, the hero of the Republic of Cuba Ramon Espinosa Martin, Deputy Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, also visited on this day the community where it is transferred in brief the inhabitants of Florida Beach, in the southern municipality of the same name, who shall have comfortable bed that is almost complete.

There was a new doctor of the family and gradually be added other services, thanks to the work of the builders and various forces of support. (Photos by the author)