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Monday, December 17, 2018
Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Celebrate in Camagüey 47th anniversary of student organization

Camagüey, Dec 6.- With positive results in the functioning of the organization and its different movements and processes, the Federation of Secondary School Students (FEEM) in this province celebrates its 47th anniversary.

Melisa Delgado Morales, president of the FEEM in the territory, said that among the priorities of the youth members included the strengthening of the study as a primary duty, and the political-ideological work in front of the new scenarios.

The student leader added that, among the challenges of membership, also stand out the development of vocational training and career guidance toward careers with deficit of professionals in the province, the incorporation of young people to the Voluntary Military Service for Women, as well as to ensure that each brigade becomes the basic unit of the organization.

A representation of the Camagüey´s students participates in the National Assembly of the FEEM, appointment, which concludes today in Havana and has among its purposes to review the work undertaken during the year and to project objectives with a view to the 2017- 2018 school year.

In the educational centers of education in the province in which this province, today morning date, with special knowledge, dialogs of generations and other recreational and cultural initiatives.

In Camagüey FEEM adds up to more than 19 thousand members, who - 47 years later - have the challenge of keeping your young spirit and leadership, to be faithful to the legacy of the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro. (Indira Lopez Karell/ Radio Cadena Agramonte.)