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Friday, November 16, 2018
Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Cuban Deputies Support Zero Tolerance in Anti-drug Fight

Havana, Dec 20.- Cuban deputies supported in this capital the government's decision to maintain the concept of zero tolerance in the fight against drug trafficking in the Caribbean island.

During the working day of the Defense Commission, prior to the 10th Regular Session of the National Assembly of People's Power in its 8th Legislature, the parliamentarians expressed their satisfaction with the achievements of the entities responsible in combating that scourge.

The delegates - gathered at Havana´s Convention Center - insisted that the population should continue to be informed about this phenomenon, of which Cuba does not escape because of its geographical position.

They agreed on the need to set a strategy that combines prevention with confrontation, taking into account the multisectoriality.

The school, the family and the community can have a decisive impact on this problem, which acquires new nuances as the times change, said the parliamentarians. (Prensa Latina)