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Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Fifth-Generation Russian Submarine to Feature Robot Work

Moscow, Dec 20 .- The new fifth-generation Jaski-class Russian multifunctional submarine will have robots designed with a technology that enables them to be used even in civil life, official sources said today.

The submersible craft will have the help of robotic technology in its operations and will be equipped with the most modern war technology, said Oleg Vlasov, head of the robotic technology sector of the Machinery-Construction Bureau of Saint Petersburg 'Malajit.'

Vlasov clarified that the robotics of the submarine can perform both on the surface and underwater.

The works to determine the shape of the new submarine are almost ready and the planning will ends next year, the Russian specialist said.

The fifth-generation submarine must be included in the defense order program for the 2018-2025 period and it will have in its arsenal the new generation winged supersonic missiles Tsirkon, Moscow television reported.

Although Russia plans a gradual reduction in its armed forces and military expenditures in the coming years, the modernization program of its defensive triad (air, sea and land) is still in full development.

This included the gradual replenishment of its air force with new SU-35 and MIG-35 fighters, SU-34 fighter-bombers, night vision helicopters, new TU-22M3 supersonic strategic bombers, fourth-generation Super-Borei submarines and Armat tanks.

In addition, Russia makes the generational change of its anti-aircraft defense system with the S-500 complexes, while modernizing its intercontinental ballistic missiles with the Yars seires, which are equipped with nuclear warheads with totally independent flight and predetermined targets. (Prensa Latina)