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Sunday, January 20, 2019
Monday, January 1, 2018

Camagüey, along the paths of victory


Invincible and genuine socialism reaches its 59 anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, stage by the great challenges that requires sight of the Camagüey´s inhabitants be grown in each day, from the first day of the year, to translate into action the part that to each one corresponds, in the great task of all, from the conviction and conscience.

With this assurance we received the 2018, crucial period in the implementation of the changes adopted at the Seventh Congress of the Communist Party, in a process that does not support concessions or weaknesses, even in the midst of a complex international context, with a strong impact on the economic outlook.

In the midst of a strengthened blockade, the 2018 starts in addition, in times of frankly reverse in the US-Cuba relations. As stated by the President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Raúl Castro Ruz, at the closing of the session of the National Assembly of People's Power, the last December 21:

"For our part, we have made efforts, and we will continue to work to preserve, to the extent possible, the spaces for exchange and cooperation established in recent years and, as I have said on several occasions: Cuba has the will to continue negotiating the outstanding bilateral issues with the United States, on the basis of equality and respect for the sovereignty and independence of our country, and continue the respectful dialog and cooperation on topics of common interest with the US government. The Cuban Revolution has stood the test of eleven administrations of the United States of different signs and here we are and will be, free, sovereign and independent States".

Honoring these principles, the Camagüey´s citizens know how to overcome challenges of scale, claiming: work with intensity, progress in the recovery of the territories affected by the hurricane Irma; reversing its impact in key areas such as agriculture and the rehabilitation of housing, and address the weaknesses and shortcomings, to raise the quality of the results of the territory.

It is then to assume, from the individual and collective responsibility, the overriding objective of increasing food production, with an emphasis on livestock and crops, for which it is essential to win in the organization of the tables, the requirement and the control of each task, and respond to the responsibilities that concern us in the national context.

It is a fundamental role, in addition to the councils, and the newly formed local governments at municipal level, from where commodity should emerge from each community, claim that there is an urgent need for renewed approaches, as well as methods and styles of work consistent with the current circumstances and with the future of Cuban socialism.

To ratify the continuity of our struggles for the genuine independence of the country, this 2018 we will commemorate the 145 anniversary of the fall in combat in the paddocks of Jimaguayú of Major General Ignacio Agramonte y Loynaz. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of that historic event, in vibrant words, Fidel outlined a road map, which remains fully valid.

The call of our maximum leader, and the concept of revolution that we legara will continue to inspire the Camagüey´s inhabitants in this 2018, during which we will meet, on multiple fronts, "with our own efforts, the price of any sacrifice".

Do the objectives to achieve in this 2018, the best tribute to our unbeaten commander, and the heroes and martyrs who paid with their blood for the gains that we enjoy.

Let´s fight boldly so that Camagüey continue its unstoppable advance on the paths of victory!

"Congratulations compatriots!!!!!!