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Thursday, December 13, 2018
Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Outbreak of Newcastle virus in Colombia

Bogota, Jan 24.- Colombian health authorities warned today about the presence in the country of the Newcastle virus, which is transmitted by direct contact with infected birds and may cause conjunctivitis in people.

The outbreak was discovered in various municipalities of the department of Cundinamarca, in the center of Colombia.

Before the outbreak of the Newcastle virus, it was suggested not to consume poultry of unknown origin and increase hygienic measures such as hand washing and proper management of drinking water.

The poultry producers were instructed to alert and inform the local authorities if the animals have acute respiratory symptoms, bowing of the neck, neurological symptoms and sudden deaths.

People who also have red eyes or eye discharge, as well as itching or burning eyes, should go to the nearest health institution.

The Newcastle virus is a highly contagious disease that affects many species of domestic and wild birds, and to a greater extent to poultry.

The people infected by the virus may have symptoms of conjunctivitis and others similar to a common flu. (Prensa Latina)