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Friday, January 26, 2018

The jump Festival returns to Camagüey

Camagüey, 26 ene. - The Camagüey’s Athletics begin with good auguries the year 2018, since for next February 4 is indicated the Manuel Pérez Ruiz (Casanova) in Memoriam Jump Festival.

To the joust, which will take the newly inaugurated stadium as a stage Rafael Fortún Chacón, in the city of Camagüey, the principal exponents of the country will come in the specialties of high jump, length, triple and jumping pole, in one and another sex.

The contest will serve like preparation with a view to the low World cup roof, which will be carried out in the British city of Birmingham from the 1st one to 4 of the near future one, and for XXIII Central American Games and of the Caribbean Sea in Barranquilla, Colombia, to develop during July future and August.

Therefore, the jump Festival will constitute a test to evaluate the march of the preparation of women and men who look for a ticket in the delegations of the biggest of The Antilles than the above-mentioned appointments, especially I center it Caribbean, where the field and track has a high responsibility quota in the Cuban medal table.

The jump Festival Casanova in Memoriam had his creation in 1996 - Olympian year with appointment programmed in Atlanta - to complete a circuit of national events for areas, that Rafael Fortún Chacón was including the national speed championships, in the proper Camagüey; "Rosendo Brunet", for the half fund and fund, and "Aurelio Janet", for the throwing tests and combined.

Between other lights of the national sport, in the first joust the Olympian holder Javier Sotomayor was appearing, the world champions Ioamnet Quintero and Iván Pedroso, and the recorder of the world in covered track Aliecer Urrutia. In this occasion, it was not only declared bankrupt in the jumping pole.

The competitive level in almost all the events was high, with destaque in that first occasion of the triple jump for men, fight that Urrutia gained the Sancti Spiritus´ Yoelbi Quesada with 17.30 meters, continued by Yoel García, of the Island of the Youth, with 17.20 meters and the Villa Clara´s player with 17.12 meters.

For his part, the King of the Heights, Javier Sotomayor, exceeded the strip of wood over 2.30 meters, to surpass without difficulty Sailor Drake, alone who came even the 2.13. In the feminine branch there was a little more dispute between the world champion of Stuttgart 1993, Ioamnet Quintero, who realized an excellent competition (1.97 meters) to defeat Silvia Costa (1.91 meters).

Big other, Iván Pedroso, world champion of Gotemburgo, Sweden, in 1995, gave a 8.39 meters jump, redeemed never seen for then in the Camagüey´s region.

The principal political and governmental authorities of the province of Camagüey and the people in general gave a big support to the celebration of the Festival and enjoyed the magnificent demonstration of the summoned sportsmen.

Both Javier Sotomayor and Iván Pedroso received the condition of Foster child of the Camagüey.

Manuel Pérez Ruiz, Casanova, as it was known by all, was an out-standing athlete of the decade of the 30s and 40s of the 20th century; it implanted two records and equaled other in the high jump. After his retirement of the active sport it got out of debt like trainer and judge in national and international contests. (By Jorge Navarro Torres / Radio Camagüey) (Photo: Cubadebate)