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Thursday, December 13, 2018
Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Cuban, Spanish Surgeons to Participate in a Workshop on Neuro-Interve

Havana, Jan 30.- Neurosurgeons from Cuba and Spain will exchange experiences here in a theoretical-practical workshop on vascular neuron-interventionism, as part of the 56th anniversary of the National Institute of Neurology.

Neuro-interventionism, the non-invasive procedure guided by radiological images of high technology, allows treating complex vascular neurology such as artery-venous malformations, cerebral edema and spinal injuries among other disorders, as well as ischemic stroke, the latter among surgical novelties.

Its application minimizes operations to the open skull, which leads to lower morbidity and mortality, especially in young patients, with a rapid recovery to an active life.

At a press conference, Cuban neurologist Carlos Llibre stated that the meeting, to take place from February 5 to 10, will be an opportunity to move forward, take advantage of the experience, show ours and give first-class care to our patients.

It will be a very active week, with patients presenting complex pathologies, including children, he said.

The conference´s program includes a symposium on the history of neurology, which opens today with founders of the entity and another on Sleep Disorder, along with colleagues from the International Center for Neurological Restoration.

Founded on January 29, 1962, the National Institute of Neurology is considered the leading center for clinical research in neurosciences in Cuba. (Prensa Latina)