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Sunday, March 24, 2019
Friday, February 9, 2018

Chinese Technique Reverses Lung Cancer Damage with Stem Cells

Beijing, Feb 9.- Chinese scientists have managed to repair lung cancer affected tissues by transplanting stem cells extracted from the patients'' respiratory tract, which is the first therapy of its kind in the world.

Zuo Wei, team leader and professor at Tongji University in Shanghai, told the CGTN channel that the procedure was successfully tested on six patients admitted to a local hospital.

The researchers extracted them dozens of stem cells from the respiratory tract, multiplied them by millions and then implanted them into the lungs.

As a result, the damaged parts of the alveolus and bronchi of these people regenerated in the organs.

According to Zou, a marked improvement in the ability to walk and breathe was observed in all cases, while two of those patients suffering from bronchiectasis were cured of symptoms such as asthma and frequent coughing.

The technique has the approval of the National Health and Family Planning Commissions, and Food and Drugs. (Prensa Latina)