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Thursday, December 13, 2018
Tuesday, February 13, 2018

British Scientists Managed to Develop Human Eggs outside Ovary

London, Feb 13.-  British scientists have been able to develop human eggs for the first time outside the ovary, from its earliest phase to reach the fullness of its maturity, the Molecular Human Reproduction magazine published today.

After extracting ovule cells from the tissue of the female reproductive organ, experts at the University of Edinburgh had them grow out until they were ready to be fertilized, an achievement that could potentially lead to improvements in fertility treatments.

According to the report, the research also provides an opportunity to explore the development of the human ovum, although it recognizes the need for further studies so that the method can be used clinically.

Professor Evelyn Telfer, leader of the research, reported that now they are working to optimize the conditions that support the development of the ovule and to study how healthy they are and then find out, depending on the approval of the regulations, if they can be fertilized, an option whose viability has not yet been demonstrated.

The expert pointed out that the study offers hope to women or girls who undergo treatments such as chemotherapy - with risks for sterility - by allowing them to recover immature ova and make them to develop outside the ovary, to be later stored for future fertilization.

Another author, Daniel Brison, from the Department of Assisted Reproduction at the University of Manchester, indicated that this is an exciting step forward, showing for the first time that the full development of human ovules in the laboratory is possible, more than 20 years after it was achieved with mice. (Prensa Latina)