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Sunday, March 24, 2019
Thursday, February 15, 2018

Discussions on internationalization of the curriculum topic Cuban University 2018 Congress in

Havana, Feb 15.- The internationalisation of the curriculum and pedagogical models are among the topics to debate today, on the third day of the International Congress on Higher Education (2018), which sits in the capital.

The curriculum design, the challenges and perspectives of developing countries at this level of education and the socio-constructive thinking also will be analyzed by the attendees to the event, which is held until tomorrow in the Palace of Conventions.

The eve, among other actions, Cuba and Syria signed an agreement of collaboration in the Higher Education sector, which will promote the exchange of experiences in the field of medicine, the pharmaceutical sciences and other academic areas.

The Minister of Higher Education of Syria, AtefNaddaf announced that ten fellowships are available for the young Cubans who want to study Arabic Language in that nation.

At another time, the rector of the University of Havana, Gustavo Cobreiro confirmed that the institution that leads will always have the doors open for the academic exchange and deepen relations between the peoples of Cuba and the United States,

We have several agreements signed Cobreiro said- and our goal is to continue working in this direction, even in the midst of the obstacles that present themselves.

In this context, the Venezuelan Minister of Education, Science and Technology, HugbelRoa denounced a possible military intervention by the United States against their country.

We want the academics and the university world know what Venezuela as it prepares a scenario for a possible aggression led by Washington.

"It is no longer a mere threat and that evidence the maneuvers that can be performed from Colombia," argument Roa.

Not enough the blockade against people, depriving it of food and medicines, now organized a war, insisted the owner of University Education, Science and Technology. (Text and photo: PL)