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Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Internet Develops Game to Face Fake News

London, Feb 20.- Scientists from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom today launched a game on the Internet to educate the population about spreading false news.

This software simulates the work of an aspiring media tycoon, in an attempt to train users in the fight against the techniques used when disseminating uncertain information and post-truth.

The game, made in collaboration with the Dutch organization DROG, is part of an educational initiative that aims to 'vaccinate the population' against media distortion.

'This tool was based on the theory of inoculation, which suggests that exposure to low and demystified doses of an argument facilitates refutation with much more persuasive statements,' explained academician Sander van der Linden, from Cambridge.

The expert considered that putting oneself in the place of someone who is trying to deceive should facilitate the recognition of their techniques and create a type of 'mental antibodies'.

This proposal follows the steps of a pilot project developed in the Netherlands, which corroborated that such applications benefit all people exposed to misinformation, whether voluntarily or not, explained the founder of DROG, Ruurd Oosterwoud.

According to the game website, completing a session takes only ten minutes, in which the player has the opportunity to interact with a robot that assists him to become 'a mogul of fake news'.

According to the creators of the game, with this tool the population will be able to experience first-hand how some media use techniques such as appealing to emotions or identity theft to gain followers. (Prensa Latina)