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Sunday, March 24, 2019
Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Camaguey´s citizens benefit more with facilities for the payment of tributes

Camagüey, Feb 21. - a week to conclude the encouragement of early payment of the tax on personal income, up to the 28 February, more than 95 % of persons attached to this incentive in the province of Camagüey were favored with the discount of 5 % of their debts.

Of 342 holders of private businesses included in this tax benefit, close to 330 met their contributions in the offices of the National Office of Tax Administration (ONAT) of the territory, confirmed to the ACN Arisbel Castellanos, head of the Department of Attention to the taxpayer of that entity.

She sent a warning to all those who have not yet paid, at the same time I urge you to make the payment before the end of the current month, to which extends this facility.

For the young entrepreneur Orlando González, programr of computer equipment in the city of Camagüey, the incentive of prompt payment constitutes a benefit which has been fulfilled in the three years of its economic management as self-employed persons.

The argument that the contribution on time is a responsibility, discipline and to avoid at the end a payment of taxes.

Castellanos reported that, in the same way, more than 95 and 98 % of the natural and legal persons, respectively, they opted for the prompt payment of the Tax on Land Transport, which enabled them to save 20% of their income.

However, he said, there is still a lack of 754 entities to make this contribution and including many units budgeted and companies that pay their workers by results, and to qualify for this benefit can improve its financial situation.

These facilities are part of the campaign of Affidavit of Personal Income, which began on 8 January in Cuba and extends to the April 30, as regulated in the Law 125 of the State Budget.

Camagüey has a potential of eight thousand 128 contributors with the formal duty to declare, and 152 of them two thousand were made this year to date, representing more than 25 % of presentation. (ACN) (Photo: File)