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Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Monday, February 26, 2018

United Kingdom Fire Kills Four, Several Wounded

London, Feb 26.- British police confirmed the death of four people and several people wounded after a fire yesterday in a building in the city of Leicester, in the United Kingdom.

The information released Monday in a statement indicated that firefighters worked all Sunday night to put out the flames, while rescue efforts continue to locate other possible victims.

The text added that the causes of the explosion are still unknown, but police forces dismiss the relationship of the incident with a terrorist act.

Police officers noted on Twitter that once the rescue operation is concluded, a joint investigation will be conducted with the fire service to determine the causes for the event.

The residents of the zone declared that their houses shook strongly by the explosion, which took place in a building formed by a commercial premises and a house, in the center of the city.

A spokesman for the firefighters explained that a total of 60 homes were evacuated and traffic was limited by several streets surrounding the area of the event. (Prensa Latina)