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Thursday, December 13, 2018
Monday, February 26, 2018

Nigeria Death Toll of Lassa Fever Increases to 73

Abuja, Feb 26.- The number of deaths caused by the latest outbreak of Lassa fever in Nigeria rises to 73, according to figures released today by the country's health authorities.

The National Center for Disease Control added that 913 cases have been recorded so far this year in the 17 states affected, and the death rate among confirmed and probable cases is 21 percent.

The current epidemic began at the end of last year, and also the Republic of Guinea reported its first death in more than two decades, although in this case the victim died in Liberia, not in Guinean soil, while in Benin the scourge has already killed 12 people

This condition is asymptomatic in 80 percent of the cases, but in others it can cause serious, hemorrhagic or neurological damage.

The fever is an acute hemorrhagic disease of two to 21 days, caused by the Lassa virus, belonging to the family of arena viruses (sandviruses), and there is no vaccine to prevent it.

It is transmitted to humans through contact with food or household items contaminated by the rodents excreta, and its effect on pregnant women and fetuses is devastating. (Prensa Latina)