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Sunday, March 24, 2019
Thursday, March 1, 2018

In Camagüey, healthier productions in harmony with the environment

Camagüey, March 1. - with the purpose of raising the quality in the management and treatment of soils from agro-ecological zones, Camagüey´s specialists develop several actions aimed to socialize experiences that promote the conservation of crops in the 122 organic plantation in the province.

In this regard, José Luis Montejo Viamontes, engineer of the Camagüey´s station of the Institute of Soil, explained that the main investigative results are oriented toward the management of sustainable agriculture in order to obtain healthier productions through the use of organic fertilizers.

The territorial program of the Urban and Suburban Agriculture responds to a scientific and technological approach, with the aim of achieving food security, in harmony with the environment, in which stand out today more than seventy hectares used for the cultivation of vegetables and vegetables, he said.

Among the plots that show an effective system of work are the productive units in the vicinity of the hospitals Amalia Simoni and Manuel Ascunce Domenech, and those located in the Port-au-Prince, Saratoga, Julio Antonio Mella, Lenin - all in the capital city of Camagüey- qualified of excellence in several tours of the National Group of the Urban and Suburban Agriculture.

Make ecology a sustainable model of life and a daily practice, on the basis of the challenge of achieving a performance of two and a half kilograms per square meter of tillage, it becomes imperative for the workers of the Camagüey´s organic plantations, in order to stimulate the production of food for human consumption. (Maykel Torres La Rosa/ Radio Cadena Agramonte) (Photo: File)