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Thursday, December 13, 2018
Friday, March 2, 2018

Diversify in Camagüey charcoal production for exporting

Camagüey, March 2.- The Company of Local Industries of the province of Camaguey diversifies its production of charcoal for exporting, and expand the fate of that heading to countries in Asia and Latin America, in addition to their usual European customers.

Pedro López Santos, a specialist in marketing and purchase of that entity, told the Cuban News Agency that to date is expended in the foreign market, a container of coal dust, used to produce briquettes, cylindrical or brick, which replace the wood with many advantages, be 100% environmentally friendly and renewable.

Similarly, placed on the charcoal from a mixture of marabou with woods as llana and Júcaro, which are harder, Lopez Santos who said, in addition, that these new delivery respond to orders made by the buyers.

He reported that in the 2018 plan to produce 1,000 tonnes of charcoal, of which 59 were exported, with a value of 17 thousand CUC, and are in the process of benefit other 80 tons which should be ready for sale to the middle of the current month of March.

According to the specialist, rains in January and February in the northern part of the province, where are the most productive bases in the municipalities of Sierra de Cubitas and in Nuevitas, resulted in arrears by the humidity and the poor state of the roads.

He added that difficulties persist with the transportation of charcoal from where it is produced to the collection centers and benefit, which is supplemented with leased equipment that have little capacity to load, which increases the cost of that concept.

In 2017, the Company of Local Industries of the province of Camaguey exported 295 tonnes of charcoal produced from the marabou, work that suffered damages in the last four months of the year by the impact of hurricane Irma in the territory.

The marketing of that item on the international market, from six years ago, such entity generates profits that ensure their financial stability and the development of other productions corresponding to the graphical industries, textile and construction materials, in addition to the crafts, ceramics, saddlery, melting and clothing in metals and plastics. (ACN) (Photo: File)