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Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Maduro Puts Economy as Priority for ALBA-TCP

Caracas, Mar 6.- The economic issue is today the priority for the countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-Trade Treaty of the Peoples (ALBA-TCP), stressed president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro.

In his closing speech this Monday at the 15th Summit of ALBA-TCP, held at the Palace of Miraflores (government see), in Caracas, the president stressed the urgency of strengthening the financial sector in the region and promoting an economic model of integration, just and generator of wealth.

Maduro said the regional integration bloc agreed to meet in order to evaluate the creation of an economic plan aimed at boosting the financial system, for which he proposed the introduction of the Petro cryptocurrency as trading tool.

Different from the existing1500 digital assets in the world, the Venezuelan virtual currency has the support of over five billion barrels of crude oil from the Field 1 of the Ayacucho Block of the Orinoco Oil Belt.

This initiative of the State of Venezuela was born with the objective of fighting the financial blockade, attract investments and generate a new payment mechanism of goods and services, according to official sources.

As part of the construction of a commercial, financial and monetary zone of the ALBA-TCP countries, the president also called to strengthen Petrocaribe, agreement of energy cooperation that looks to solve the difference in access to energy resources, through a scheme of favorable exchange, equitative and just.

The final declaration of the 15th Summit ALBA-TCP supports the right of Venezuela to participate in the 8th Summit of the Americas, scheduled for April in Lima, Peru, considering that venue is a space to meet where States of the continent can debate and reach consensus with respect to the diversity of political ideas.

The multilateral organism also expressed its disagreement with the statement of the so-called Lima Group, formed by Latin American nations that support the interfering actions of the United States against Caracas, for representing an interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign country.

The ALBA-TCP called on the international community to abstain from exerting coertion of any kind against the political Independence and territorial integrity of Venezuela, by considering such actions incompatible with the principles of international law and the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as zone of peace.

The ALBA-TCP denounced the attempts of Washington to retake the mechanism of regional domination present in the Monroe Doctrine, as well as the military threat and calls for a coup d'état against the legitimate government of the South American nation.

Also, the integration bloc ratified the support to the summon of elections in Venezuela, demanded the lifting of the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the U.S. against Cuba and reaffirmed the postulates of the proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as zone of peace. (Prensa Latina)