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Thursday, December 13, 2018
Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Raúl Castro as defined strategic task of the dawn the defense of Venezuela


Caracas, March 6.- The president of the Councils of State and Ministers, Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, said on Monday that the ALBA has the task of "strategic and urgent" defense of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The Cuban leader intervened in the 15th Summit of the integration mechanism, which coincided with the fifth anniversary of the physical departure of the Commander Hugo Chavez, founder next to Fidel of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-Treated of Trade of the People (ALBA-TCP).

Raul referred to the military threat, the hostility and aggression of imperialism against Venezuela, as well as a neo-liberal onslaught to reverse the social gains achieved since the triumph of Chávez, at the end of the last century.

He added that at the present time are carried out political interference against the sovereignty of the nations of the region, in particular against progressive governments, and try to remove the integration processes forged in the last decades.

These actions, he said, "destabilize the region and pose dangers to regional peace and security".

In that regard, he said that the United States uses their own methods of Unconventional Warfare to destabilize Venezuela since the coming to power of Chavez and with more intensity even then it will take the power Nicolás Maduro.

"The purpose is to crush this country, owner of immense wealth coveted by imperialism," he said.

He recalled that President Donald Trump has just renewed the executive order that declares to Venezuela as a threat to national security and foreign policy of the United States and said that "threats to the peace and stability of Venezuela represent a threat to regional stability and peace."

"Some seem to have forgotten the lessons of the past," said the Cuban president, who recalled the cruel years of neo-liberal dictatorships and the damage caused in the region by neoliberalism.

Critical that United States keep and defend the "validity" of the Monroe Doctrine and cited the Bolivarian reflection that Washington seemed destined to plague of misery Our America in the name of freedom.

"Return to underestimate our people," said the Cuban leader. "We proclaim the unchanging support for the civic-military union headed by President Nicolás Maduro".

He added that Cuba condemns the unilateral measures and the interference against Chavez and the Bolivarian government. "The economic aggression against Venezuela for its people to enjoy the rights conquered by the revolution."

The General of the Army was also rejected by the exclusion of mature of the 8th Summit of the Americas, which is scheduled for mid-April in Lima, Peru.

This illegal decision is unacceptable and at the same time back to the hemisphere to the stage that seemed to overcome, he said. "Exclusions do not contribute at all to peace, dialog and hemispheric understanding".

It is inadmissible, he added, that a group of countries without the right or mandate seeks to speak for the region to serve as a tool for the aggression against a member of the family in Latin America and the Caribbean.

"Don't acknowledge to the discredited OAS moral authority to give lessons on democracy, governance, or constitutionality," he said.

Raul regretted that violate the principles of the proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a zone of peace, signed by the governments of the region in the II Summit of the CELAC in Havana and evade the strict compliance of non-intervention in the internal affairs of any other State, as well as to observe the principles of national sovereignty, equality of rights and self-determination of peoples.

"The only solution to the problems of the Venezuelans is in the hands of the Venezuelans themselves," he said.

"I speak in the name of our revolution and our people will do it tomorrow, as any other Cuban patriot who always know, as believed Fidel, who do not have future our peoples without unity and without the integration," said the Cuban leader.

Bolívar and Martí, Fidel and Chávez bequeathed us invaluable lessons, including the loyalty to the principles, he said. "There are lessons that show us that the path to follow in this decisive hour of the Patria Grande, which calls on us states together, to forge our second and definitive independence". (Taken from (Photo: Studies Revolution/