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Thursday, December 13, 2018
Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Tillerson Arrives in Ethiopia Eyes Put on Economic Issues

Addis Abeba, March 7.- The visit of Secretary of State of the U.S., Rex Tillerson, to Ethiopia as of today will center in Washington's interest as to how benefit economically from this nation, according to local analysts.

The first official trip of Tillerson to Africa will start in Ethiopia and later will take him to Chad, Djibouti, Kenya and Nigeria.

Abebe Aynete, main researcher of Strategic Studies of Foreign Relations of Ethiopia, indicated also that Tillerson arrives to this capital when many of the polemic comments of president Donald Trump on Africa last January, are still fresh.

It is probable this visit is less important than the previous ones made by high United States officials, according to comments of the specialist published here.

For Abebe, the tour will show the real trend of present U.S. foreign policy, closer to their purpose of extracting the most economic benefits from its counterpart.

Tillerson and Trump, come from a business environment, they see Washington relations with the rest of the world as transactions, said the scholar.

It is expected that the Secretary of State meets with high officials of this country, as well as the leadership of the African Union Commission (AUC) with headquarters in Addis Abeba, in an attempt to promote alliances with the African continent in an attempt of promoting alliances with the continent and discuss issues such as South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia and the countries of G5.

On Ethiopian issues, according to the agenda prepared for Tillerson, it is possible that during the talks circumstantial political issues are approached about this African State.

Among them, the transition of a prime minister, the strengthening of institutions, the riots in Oromia and the Somali region, the displacement of almost one million persons, the fight against terrorism and the big Ethiopian peace operations in Africa. (Prensa Latina)