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Monday, August 19, 2019
Thursday, March 15, 2018

Uruguay Bought 600,000 Doses of Influenza Vaccine

Montevideo, Mar 15.- Uruguayan Ministry of Health acquired 600,000 doses of influenza vaccine, which would be delivered to the country next April ahead of the winter season, an official source reported today.

That represents the same quantity acquired last year, of which 580,000 were supplied to the population, especially to high risk persons, the Health Deputy Minister Jorge Quian stated.

The official explained a strategy is being prepared for the vaccination campaign of the current year, and added that just like in 2017 it will be focused on persons under the age of 5, older than 65, pregnant women and people who work on the system.

Quian also indicated the campaign will begin as soon as the vaccine becomes available.

The Deputy Minister remarked the seriousness of this influenza during winter in the northern hemisphere 'with a lot of deaths and variation in the virus.'

He emphasized the purchasing of the doses will be made together with other Latino American countries through the Pan American Health Organization.

In addition, the authorities explained they are also working on disease prevention for those who will visit Russia during the Football World Cup on June-July, as well as Europe in general to prevent the measles outbreak in that continent. (Prensa Latina)