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Friday, March 16, 2018

The death of the Cuban actress Alicia Bustamante

Havana, March 16.- The outstanding Cuban actress Alicia Bustamante died this Thursday in Havana, at the age of 83 years. During her artistic career, was recognized for her work in film, theater and television.

A graduate of Kindergarten Teacher, passes to study Pedagogy at the University of Havana. Attracted by the University Theater, in 1956 she joined the Faculty of Arts and Letters where she conducts studies of Dramatic Art and graduated from the theater acting and directing in 1960.

She continues studies of music in the current Amadeo Roldán Conservatory of Music. In 1963, she is selected to integrate the Group National Drama, under the general direction of Eduardo Manet.

Years later she joined the legendary Studio Theater, where she remained until 1978, the year in which decides to exploit her musical gifts in the Musical Theater of Havana.

During several periods, she work in the Cuban Television, mainly in soap operas, teleplays and humorous. Her recognition in the TV is due to the humorous La Rebambaramba series, in the year 1990.

In conjunction with this extensive theatrical career and passionate always by the magisterium, work in the School of Art Instructors in the specialty of pantomime and corporal expression, as assistant to the head of the French Professor Pierre Chaussant, with whom she had studied in the National Drama.

Her vocation for teaching led her to the prestigious International School of Film and Television in San Antonio de los Baños, where she taught the first course of direction of actors for students of filmmaking.

The public film buff has been able to enjoy her versatility in Cuban film classics such as: The Death of a Bureaucrat (Tomás Gutiérrez Alea); Pages of the journal of José Martí (José Massip); A day of November (Humberto Solas); Cecilia (Humberto Solas); Plaff or too afraid to life (Juan Carlos Tabío) and Lovely lies (Gerardo Chijona). (Taken from Cubadebate)