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Monday, October 21, 2019
Friday, March 30, 2018

Positioned in fourth place in Camagüey Daniel Saiz Chess Moncada Cup

Camaguey, March 30.- The fourth place of the National Master Daniel Saiz was the best by the trio of players workpeople who took part in the Moncada Garrison of Chess Cup, which hosted the city of Santiago de Cuba.

Saiz, who played in the group three, totaled five units of ten possible, equal to the score achieved by the host Evelio Roll, who took the bronze medal to outdo the Camagüey´s player in the tiebreaker.

In that same paragraph the Camagüey´s International Master Tania Miranda finished in fifth place with three and a half stripes, while in a position similar term the National Master Rafael Cantillo in key four, with a total of four and a half points.

In the 13th edition of the Copa Moncada Chess, graduated Arnaldo Fernandez of Holguín, in the group one; the local Emmanuel de la Fe, in two; and the Holguin province also Jesus Basin, in paragraph three.

Other monarchs were the Granma´s Armando Suarez, in the six, and the Santiago´s Leonardo Lavigne, Mayra Cabrera, Norbel Zamora and José Rodríguez, in the keys four, five, seven and eight, in that order. (Manuel Moya Suarez/Radio Cadena Agramonte with information from the Blog of Pinky) (Photo: File)