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Wednesday, January 23, 2019
Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Cuban President participates in inauguration of International Justice and Law 2018 (+ Photos)

Havana, May 23 .- With the presence of Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermudez, president of the Councils of State and Ministers, was inaugurated today the IX International Justice and right in the Palace of Conventions, of this capital.

The opening words were in charge of Rubén Remigio Ferro, president of the Supreme People's Court, who said that the Cuban judges are willing to listen to and learn from the presentations and comments of those who have come to offer their experiences and wisdom about the subjects they occupy.

At the same time, he said, are ready to expose and discuss their achievements and points of view on some of those issues.

Remigio Ferro made reference to the fact that during this meeting, the world shudders in disastrous events in different regions of the planet, such as the conflicts and the increase in violence and insecurity.

In addition, environmental disasters, migratory crisis, terrorist actions and the rise of international crime, among other evils which disturb in increasing order to humanity, to be .

Also proliferate the scenarios of corruption of public officials, and not a few sites The Law and Justice are also suffering from excesses and abuses, subject to narrow interests of individuals or groups of power that the handle and trample down to its will, he said.

This is clear, reflected both in the promulgation of rules and regulations that limit and undermine fundamental rights and guarantees of citizens or of disadvantaged and vulnerable segments, such as biased and unfair judicial decisions handed down by judges.

Today, he said, the role of judges and courts in the PROXENETISMO of politics and in not a few cases there are actions and judicial decisions that cover and protect the interests of the oligarchies and the most reactionary and conservative sectors of the extreme right.

On other occasions, he claimed, arremeten against the leftist leaders whose influence and prestige seek to nullify by subjecting them to criminal prosecution for false accusations of illegal activities through resolutions biased.

He said that in Cuba the predominant criterion is that the mission of the judges implies the duty to impart justice with a clear notion and sense of what is right, and that their actions and decisions in the process is characterized by its legal basis, transparency and equity.

For that, he stressed, it is necessary that the justice courts, in addition to rely on what is established in the legal texts, to assume that the content of the laws is not always enough to decide a case in justice, reason why the legislators need to rely, in addition, the logical reasoning, common sense and the serene and detailed analysis of the facts that judge.

The President of the Supreme Court pointed out that in the case of judges, the essential freedom that must have in order to administer justice without interference from outside, is unquestionable, as a counterpart, the duty to do so in compliance with the legal procedures, and respect for the guarantees of due process.


Rubén Remigio Ferro reported that the Supreme Court has worked for some years in the design and implementation of a system of quality management with the relevant adjustments, the categories and concepts of international standards that regulate the models of action in this area.

The final goal of this effort, he said, is to have a quality manual as a methodological tool of reference to ensure continuous improvement in the performance of the courts.

It is obvious, he said, that where there is a clear political will to promote the general welfare of the population and a true vocation for justice and social harmony, nor will be among the priorities or concerns of the rulers the qualitative improvement of the performance of the justice.

The 9th International Justice and Law, which will conclude next Friday, with the participation of around 900 delegates and guests from 27 countries. (ACN) (Photos: Granma)