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Thursday, February 21, 2019
Friday, June 15, 2018

Che Commander, friend

By Rosa Maria Moros Fernandez/ Radio Cadena Agramonte.

When 90 years of his birth in the distant Argentine city of Rosario, Ernesto Guevara de la Serna continues to live in Cuba and in the world, and multiplied in all those who are struggling to conquer their dreams of justice.

The brief but intense life of the Heroic Guerrilla epitomizes the highest moral values of a human being, transcended in the testimonies of his companions of battles, first in war, and then in the relative peace that characterized the early years of the Revolution, after the triumph.

A tireless worker, in the years that was in the service of our homeland knew no a single day of rest. There were many responsibilities entrusted to him: the President of the National Bank, Director of the Central Board of Planning, Minister of Industry and, on many occasions, head of delegation of political, economic or fraternal type.

Multifaceted and demanding of himself, was devoted to the construction of the new open society in Cuba after the dawn of January 1959. In a special way, in the field of economy and of the industrialization of the country was one of the most tireless collaborators of Fidel, who defined it as "man of integrity a carta cabal, a man of honesty supreme court, of absolute sincerity, a man of stoic and Spartan life. Constituted by his virtues what can be called a true model of revolutionary."

Doctor, combatant, military strategist, in the first six years of revolutionary power had an intense, political, administrative and intellectual activity, because above all things, Che was a man of ideas.

Both his economic thought in the conditions of a country in transition to socialism, as its revolutionary ethics, predicted the necessary training of the new man, maintain in full force in our days.

On the 90th anniversary of his birth, Guevara continues to live in his legacy transcendent; in the struggle against imperialism wherever you are; in the oath of our pioneers to be like Che; in the hands of solidarity that respond with their modest efforts to the claim of other lands of the world; in the battles to ride in all fields, always convinced of victory. (Photo: