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Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Yunielkis: server and an ally of Culture from Camagüey

By José Aurelio Paz/ Juventud Rebelde.

When Yunielkis Naranjo Guerra wake up tomorrow morning in his dear Camagüey, next Sunday 17, the logical elapse of life there will be left in his chest a hole the size of seven years.

The next day to celebrate the Provincial Assembly of the Hermanos Saíz Association (AHS), with which it concluded its effective life in front of the organization that brings to the forefront of youth of writers and artists in that location, you will have to reinvent the dreams, so many times and unraveled tissues throughout his distinguished career, who, among so many other achievements, has led the House of the Young Creator to be, consecutively, National Vanguard for six years.

"I will awake, I don't know how, but with that bittersweet I will rise vacuum that leaves you a task that, in all that time, you spend entirely 16 hours of your life sacrificing everything, delivering it all, putting the soul in the smallest detail so that culture and art to contaminate society nobly in the best way, understanding what he said a French philosopher by the name of Lamennais when expressed that the past is like a lamp placed at the entrance of the future, that if you let it there, what hands to the future? And ruled that when you don't know where to go, follows the perfume of a dream".

The Camagüey´s House of the Young Creator is as sweet for flies. Hence the term "AHS-dependent" that many are auto-diagnose. Young people from the most diverse strata of society, with the most varied tastes, either by electronic music, rock or simply for being "disconnected" of reality through the Internet connection all the time, gravitate around it, converse, laugh, listen to a troubadour, or enjoy the exposure of turn.

And is that the Association, under the pupil Yunielkis sleepless, flows meekly as I’d like it to flow the country. There is no boss and subordinates. There is not heard a voice higher than the other to guide a task. There the whole world is helpful, from who does the work of the cleaning or kitchen, until the culinary, with his best smile, they serve you one of nearly 30 types of coffees offered in the midst of a climate truly cultural and creator.

There is no shortage of colorful characters of the locality which give to the environment a brushstroke of diversity and respect, people who little lack to sleep there, ordinary beings that trashuman poverty and to those who have never denied a coffee or a plate of food. That may be the case of a street sweeper that calls itself Farah, Farah in honor of Mary, or Daniel who has been there 15 years, or Miguel Angel, who say "The musicalisimo", because it may have shortness of breath to breathe, but not its radio stack trace that goes wherever you go.

"They are my friends, my children, how can i say! Some have mental problems or belong to the simple and poor, which even we look in the streets," says this man who shows, with its permanent smile a humanity with which spread to their workers.

"I'm not out of charity, I do so because the Association has, in order not to lose its sense, that look constantly around him and share his table and their affection with the youngest members of our society, because art is, above all, humanism".

It all began 20 years ago, when Yunielkis, a graduate of history which came to the Investigations Section of the AHS, created a project called Open Track, which will lead, then blow by blow, with which the Camaguey´s communities more intricate and disadvantaged have washed the soul. The promoter became the director of the House of the Young Creator, after transit as vice president and, finally, in 2011 he assumed the presidency in its entirety by choice of the more than 200 affiliates that has the youth organization.

In addition to the institutional support that has succeeded in this group, "blow by blow/ verse by verse…", as claimed Serrat, and accompaniment of the territory that is essential, there has been the exchange with non-governmental organizations such as Camaquito Switzerland and CARE, Canada, which have seen their seriousness in the desire to serve Cuban society.

"Camaguey -explains the interviewee- institutional relations that are excellent example for the country and political will of accompaniment to the AHS at all levels. Therein lies the secret of why our house you can perform some 250 monthly activities and have 12 events, two with international participation, a year.

"Our main premise is the selfless dedication of young artists and writers, who have no desire to show his work and give it to the people. My office continues to receive them, asking for support to develop projects, and I think that one of the main achievements, in all these years, is to get them, the young creators, created in the institutional framework as a key factor for its development.

"The link with schools, the pioneers, the FEEM and the FEU has been critical link in our work. We have a wide fingerboard programming that goes from younger children, adolescents, youth, even carry out activities with the elderly, according to tastes and preferences.

"We have, a year, our visual arts for Young Creators Gest, the Day of Electronic Music Beat 32, the Festival of National Rock Sounds of the city, among others, as well as two who already have an imprint International: The Literary Crusade, and the store of the image, intended for the young filmmakers and video", Yunielkis.

It is worth noting also that, attached to the Literary Café The Region of the Association, where gastronomy is in function of art and even employees receive cultural promotion courses, in addition to the wifi there is a navigation room for partners. "Behold the anecdote that, before the death of the Commander-in-Chief, our young people, no one asked him, turned to the networks to support the people in their pain and to deny the defamatory campaigns against Cuba, in a day where they just fell asleep; these marathon meetings, Painted every three months, in which our artists of the plastic make their pictures and then donate to institutions such as hospitals, schools and children's homes without legal protection. And, recently, the first Colloquium on Cultural Journalism that was a primary instrument to measure by where this important vehicle in the press," he said.

"How is that sweet taste with you're going on the presidency by natural settling of the age?

"First, with infinite thanks to how much person had joined in to support this dream realized that it is today the AHS in Camagüey, as creative force in the territory. Later, having failed to materialize, despite owning the spaces, the projects of the House of Electronic Music, the amphitheater for rock, rap and shows, music room Miguel Escalona and the headquarters of the audiovisual producer Young Light with a recording studio and editing, as well as a living room accommodation; challenge that step to my successors with the desire to achieve this infinite.

"How will that first day out of the presidency?

-A void difficult, but prepared me for this. Is to learn to give space for others to continue the work. I will dedicate all my strength in my project blow by blow that the community both appreciated. The new president-elect will have to leave all my support, but I will not interfere in the new decisions of the AHS. I do not want to be an intruder. If I am asked an opinion will have it. If no, no, for everything to flow like has to flow. In the first, because it touches me. And second, because what I wanted for me I don't want it to others.

"But I'm satisfied. I'll put my heart with all its impetus to the new task. I love the culture. I breathe by culture. In my culture will always have a server and an ally. He said that the Stanislavski youth must not be only assimilate the fruits of their parents' culture, but to raise it to new heights, to which they were not able to reach previous generations, and that is precisely the challenge of our young creators. To transgress the old with a new vision revitalizing that does not unaware of where it comes from. And in that dream, from the humblest work to play, I will continue to insist." (Photo: Courtesy of the interviewee.)