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Friday, June 15, 2018

Today the Catholic Church will assess continuity of the national dialog in Nicaragua

Managua, Jun 15.- The plenary meeting of the national dialog in Nicaragua will meet today in this capital, in which the Catholic Church will assess the feasibility of continuing the process, in the middle of a wave of violence promoted by sectors of the right, according to complaints.

The start of the meeting is set for the 10:00 local time, in the Seminary Our Lady of Fatima, in Managua.

In the Bureau will be giving to know our proposal to President Daniel Ortega and the letter that he has sent us with its approach, which we will submit to discussion, it said in a statement the Bishops' Conference, mediator and witness of the talks.

The Conference, strongly criticized for its clear support for the opposition, indicated that will assess the feasibility of continuing the dialog, even though the government has reiterated its willingness to find, within the constitutional framework, a way out of the socio-political crisis in the country.

Bishops involved in the talks as mediators have demanded even, through social networks, the resignation of president and incited to civil disobedience, in addition to supporting a strike and blockades of roads that have resulted in the death of children, women and the elderly.

For many Nicaraguans who cry out for peace and understanding, those positions undermine the credibility to the action of the church in the talks, as they believe that put certain interests for the benefit of the majorities, and in particular of the most vulnerable people.

Meanwhile, de Escobar Rosario Murillo said that from the dialog, the Executive Board will continue to work for peace, reconciliation and the future of Nicaragua.

It also reported that the chancellor Denis Moncada will lead the government delegation to the plenary session of the dialog, on which much of the population places its hopes for a return to peace of mind to the nation, after nearly two months of assaults, vandalism and hatred in the streets.

In this respect, the Truth Commission, Justice and Peace called the cessation of violence and to maintain the national dialog, in order to overcome the crisis.

According to ongoing investigations by the Commission, at least 168 people died and two thousand 100 were injured since 18 April.

Among those killed are eight police officers, and other 200 injured, according to the board, which rejected the constant attacks with firearms against uniformed officers in the city of Masaya (west).

It also urged to stop the kidnappings and torture, by rejecting the recent aggression against a leader of the National Union of Students In Nicaragua, which is in serious condition of health.

In turn, I regret that the media promote violence, by not denouncing the presence of armed individuals in tailing ponds, while the manipulation of information and speculations are part of that scenario.

In this way, the plenary of the national dialog will meet one day after the country will face a 24-hour forced unemployment, convened by the so-called Civic Alliance for Justice and Democratization (opposition).

While many workers were forced to paralyze their chores by the close of business in private companies and some did not open their businesses for fear of reprisals from criminal groups, many others ignored. (Text and photo: PL)