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Thursday, February 21, 2019
Monday, June 18, 2018

The answer to the people in the center of the analysis, without detours

Camagüey, June 18. –Sin rodeos (Without detours), a space of debate and reflection on interest matters for the local public opinion, will fulfill this June 21 five years of its first broadcast emission, space that it was allowed to locate in the preference of the Camagüey´s citizens, who every 15 days continue its incidences across the Radio and the Television.

The program summons “in living and live” to the authorities of the territory, the directors of entities and presidents of popular advices, between other guests, for in dialogue with journalists to treat be afraid that there constitute a motive of complaints, worries and denunciations on the part of the population.

By means of the appearance of the direct persons in charge of the problems, the presentation of reportages, comments and interviews, and the reception of called phone companies, there is assumed the integral and critical analysis of questions which solution depends more on acting of the men than on material resources.

This has been, in an invariable way, the line continued by the program from the emission of opening, in which treated the distribution and quality of the products of the familiar basket, up to the most recent dedicated to the attention that there receive the persons harmed by the hurricane Irma.

The agricultural production, the march of the school course, the summer program, the collection of garbage, the commerce and the gastronomy, the water distribution, the quality of the bread and the recreation of the young people, there constituted also white-hot matters of the local reality evaluated in these five years.

To the heat of the debates, the majority of the times they have gone out to re-show clear fissures related to the control, the inspection and the administrative demand, and the public recognition of how much it could be done, and the things state was not done, for reversing in certain sector or service.

As his name indicates it, the intention of the space is the accurate examination and without mufflers of the problems that affect the population, his causes and persons in charge, as what they do not have fitted the explanations at the wrong time, the groundless justifications and the false promises of change.

It talks each other, has said Jorge Luis Tapia Fonseca, the first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in Camagüey, of assuming a different performance on the part of the direction pictures, on the base of the will to face the problems and to transform the reigning situation, like real reflex of his commitment and responsibility before the people. (Text and photo: Granma)