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Sunday, February 17, 2019
Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The only plane crash survivor evolves in a positive way in Cuba

Havana, June 19. - Mailén Díaz Almaguer, the only survivor of the plane crash happened last May 18, progresses in the stability of his evolution with profit in the answer to the treatment.

The doctor Carlos Alberto Martínez Blanco, the director of the university hospital General Calixto García, needed the Cuban Agency of News that the planned strategy has allowed to conquer, with effectiveness, the first 30 days of intensive treatment in mail with the rules established for every moment of his evolution, according to the priorities.

It recounted Martínez Blanco that the first one of these has been to save her life, and in this determination there has been used the whole therapeutic arsenal that the 19-year-old age patient has needed, as well as also a curative effort, which effects need of continuous attention.

To have advanced up to this moment of intensive handling, guaranteeing the life, keeps on imposing new challenges on the multidisciplinary team in charge of the attention of Mailén, whom there is supported under control the infection and its consequences, it annotated Martínez Blanco.

The director clarified that the different systems in his organism still do not work with entire autonomy, what keeps narrow relation with the mechanisms of production of the trauma and his effect on the regulation of the functioning of the internal organs.

For such a motive, it has been necessary to support her with medicines to preserve the stability of some functions even so much achieve the necessary adaptability without the pharmacological support.

Mailén is conscious, breathes for self help, faced, cooperates with the medical treatment, supports an active relation with the team of professionals responsible for his attention and his relatives; also, it is provided with good integration of the cognitive and affective sphere, it annotated.

The director of "Calixto García" expressed that she has advanced in her feeding, both across the digestive pipe, and for the intravenous route, and the injuries show a behavior favorable to the treatment that she receives.

Her state keeps on being very serious with answer favorable to the treatment, and her prognosis reserved. There exist conditions that constitute a potential risk for the appearance of complications, which are under strict alertness to act of immediate form on them, the physician concluded. (ACN) (Collage: File)