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Sunday, February 17, 2019
Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Celebrated in Havana 15th International Congress of Recycling

Havana, June 20.–15th International Congress of Recycling initiated today in the Palace of Conventions of Havana, like part of the program of the International Convention Cubaindustria 2018.

During the meetings conferences will be celebrated about the projection of development of the industry of the recycling in Cuba and the advances of this sector will be exhibited in the Island.

Jorge Luis Tamayo Díaz, the director of the Union of Companies of Recovery of Prime Matters, told in the opening of the event, which in the days for coming one will work with responsibility and vision of future for the sake of contributing to the imports replacement.

The same way, it will put itself at the disposal of the presents, the strategy that implements the country with a view to increasing the percentage of the prime matters that today are gathered, and the steps that will happen in the years for coming in this individual.

To tone with Tamayo Díaz, the politics that are applied in the sector, as well as his update, redound to the saving of the natural and financial resources, the care of the environment, the technological scientific progress of the recycling in the country and the increase of the exports.

The manager made sure that the previous congresses of this industrial branch have left pleasant experiences and vast knowledge, which has been already put into practice, for what, he said, one can augur an attractive and useful event to the nation.

In this opportunity, it passed, the Cuban recyclers will show their productive, economic and investigative results, but conscious of that it can be done more.

He admitted that the recycling in the biggest of the Antilles is still insufficient, before which, it expressed, we can remain neither calm nor satisfied with poor expectations, therefore we will keep on working, up to achieving valuations similar to the leaders in this activity in the world.

The industry of the recycling constitutes a big source of resources to be used thoroughly, and specialists of the activity think that annually approximately 400 thousand tons of garbage recover, number still removed from the possibilities of the country. (ACN) (Photo: File)