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Monday, July 2, 2018

Summoned for 9th Congress of the writers and Cuban artists

Havana, July 2 - For the foreseeable social impact of the topics of the agenda and the seriousness with which from the same starting point it is warned in the approach of the matters, the contributions and criteria of the writers and Cuban artists who are part of the intellectual avant-garde, they will be always listened in the process that will take themto 9th Congress of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC)next year.

This appreciation was shared by VíctorGaute, member of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, with the members of the National Council of the organization, assembled the weekend in the plenary meeting that 57 of the historical Words commemorated the anniversary to the intelligentsia, pronounced by Fidel, and it announced the call to the Congress.

Gaute transmitted a greeting of the President of the Councils of the State and the Ministers, Miguel Díaz-Canel, valued the importance of ventilating the problems with transparence, depth and constructive spirit, and expressed confidence in that the unit of action of the writers and artists along with the cultural institutions and other instances of the society will constitute a factor decisive to consolidate the application of the cultural policy.

The call for9th Congress was read by Miguel Barnet, president of the UNEAC, who presented for his approval 15 members of the organizing Commission of the forum.

Foreseen to conclude in June, 2019, since from now on one will be employed «at the bosom of the associations, his branches and the provincial and municipal committees» concerning «an agenda that must lead us to new perspectives for the stimulus and the promotion of the artistic and literary creation», the process towards the Congress will have between his maxims Fidel's warning when it expressed that «the Culture is the first thing that it is necessary to save» and will consider 55 of the UNEAC to be the alert expressed by the General of Army Raúl Castro in his message by the anniversary: "today we are threatened doubly in the field of the Culture: for the subversive projects that try to divide us and the global colonizing wave».

The plenary meeting spent balance to the work of the permanent commissions of work of the artistic and intellectual group, which have paid attention to the relations between the Culture and the society, the community and the tourism, the cultural industries and the market of the art, the architecture and the patrimony, the struggle against the racial prejudices and the organic life, and agreed to treat in the last meeting, to be carried out in November of this year, the problems and lacks that are reflected in the media of massive communication.

Between the assistants there was Abel Prieto, the minister of Culture; and representatives of the Trade union of Workpeople of the Culture and of the Association Brother Saíz. (Takenfrom (Image: File)