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Sunday, August 25, 2019
Monday, July 2, 2018

Clinical essays of WHO endorse effectiveness again medicine for pregnant women

United Nations, July 2. - A new medicine called carbetocine offers new perspectives in the treatment of the pregnant women, to the being stable and as effective as the oxytocin, according to clinical essays of the World Organization of the Health (WHO).

In accordance with reports of this organization, about 70 thousand women die every year due to a hemorrhage I post set off, what also puts in danger the life of the baby, especially during the first month of life.

Until now the oxytocin is used to stop the blood loss after the illumination, nevertheless, this medicine one must preserve to a temperature of between 2 and 8 degrees centigrade to be effective.

This makes the conservation of the medicine difficult, especially, in the countries of less resources, points out the WHO.

The carbetocine is a similar one of the oxytocin, but it is thermosetting and for three years it can support his properties in temperatures up to 30 grades and with a relative moisture of up to 75 %, which makes his storage easier.

The use of the carbetocinehas not been authorized beyond the clinical tests yet, but the WHO studies now his possible recommendation. (PL) (Photo: File)