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Sunday, August 25, 2019
Wednesday, July 11, 2018

From Camagüey´s experience network of meteorological radars modernizes Cuba

Camagüey, July 11. - Cuba is employed at the modernization of his network of eight radars to incorporate gradually the Doppler technology, which allows major precision to determine the force and speed of the winds during a hurricane, in addition to other variables related to these phenomena.

Till now, the system is only available in the radar of the province of Camagüey, from 2012, where there takes root the center that produces the national network of this equipment and where there work the specialists who develop his update, in these moments occupied in that of Casablanca, in Havana.

Orlando Rodríguez González, chief of the National Center of Radars, told to the ACN that one is already provided with Doppler recipients and with the software of prosecution of information in all the radars of the country, each one with different technical conditions to assume the technology.

Also specialist of the Provincial Meteorological Center of Camagüey pointed out that a big advance for the modernization of the equipment has been the automation, already for several years, of the whole network, with remarks in sync and decoded in the only format, and accessible from any point of the national meteorological network.

In addition to a major precision to determine the force and speed of the winds during a hurricane, the technology doppler allows to predict coastal floods, detect the tornadoes occurrence inside the cyclones and identify the position of the bands of intense rains.

As added Rodríguez González, the technological renewal of the Cuban radars towards the doppler, from the first prototype in Camagüey, it has been realized by solutions generated from the Group of Development of the center located in this province, reducing considerably the expenses.

A system of this type, of be buying I complete on the international market, it would cost about three million dollars, but the specialist made sure that the acquisition of pieces of an independent way and the later assembly in the country, reduces the costs at least of 100 thousand dollars.

The solutions generated at national level also fit to the specific climatic variables of the Caribbean archipelago, to conditions of development of the radars, and to the energy demand of the nation, which meets his eight devices in the sixth world position as for radars thickness for surface. (Text and photo: ACN)