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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Germany approves extradition of Puigdemont for alleged embezzlement, not for the crime of rebellion

Madrid, Jul 12 .- The German courts today authorized the extradition to Spain of the former President of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont for alleged embezzlement of public funds, but refused to do so for the crime of rebellion as it asked the Spanish Supreme's Court (TS).

The higher Regional Court of the German State of Schleswig-Holstein considered this Thursday from the delivery of the independence leader, although only by alleged embezzlement and not the more serious charge of rebellion.

The "extradition on charges of embezzlement of public funds is admissible; an extradition on charges of rebellion is not acceptable," said in a statement quoted Court of Northern Germany, according to different media versions.

With this decision, the judges met in part with the order placed by the regional public prosecutor.

Following the registered handed down by judge Pablo Llarena, instructor of the cause in the TS, prosecutors asked in early June for the second time both the reentry into the secessionist political prison and extradition Madrid authorities.

However, the Court of Schleswig-Holstein reiterated the arguments set out previously, that said that there was the degree of violence "enough" to impute it to Puigdemont the crime of rebellion.

Neither accepted the post of disturbance of public order, raised by Llarena in the event that it is not supported, as it finally happened today, the main accusation contained in the European warrant issued by the Supreme.

The territorial court if gave the green light to the extradition request for alleged embezzlement of public funds, concerning the Organization of the referendum of self-determination of 1st of October 2017, held by the Catalan authorities despite his ban.

However, it decided that the separatist leader does not enter in pre-trial detention, as proposed by the prosecution, as always complied with the obligations arising from its current state of release on bail.

Puigdemont was dismissed by the former Government central of Mariano Rajoy after foster failed unilateral declaration of independence of Catalonia, approved October 27, 2017 by the Parliament of the rich northeastern region.

March 25 was arrested in a service area in the North of Germany, under a European order issued two days earlier by the TS.

The decision of the territorial court dismiss the offence of rebellion, to not see violence in the secessionist plan, was a setback for the Spanish Executive, which relied on the judicial front in order to curb the independence aspirations in Catalonia. (PL) (Photo: File)