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Sunday, August 18, 2019
Friday, July 13, 2018

Camagüey ´s citizens take part in project for efficient handling of the resource it waters down in Cuba

Camagüey, July 13 .- Specialists of the Company of Investigations and Hydraulic Projects of Camagüey (EIPH) contribute to the dressmaking of a hydrogeological map of Cuba, to base territorial special plans or investments destined for the efficient use of the groundwater.

As part of a project of collaboration with the Department of Energy and Mines, the work includes the characterization of the underground drainage, protection of the sources of supply and his vulnerability, and studies of saline intrusion and of natural or induced phreatic contamination.

Other investigations are related to the water prospect or the interrelation of the mineral deposits and the phreatic cloak.

Adam Echemendía Martínez, top specialist of the Unit number 2 of the EIPH, commented to the ACN on the importance of the participation of every province in this work for his later integration to a unified national hydrogeological map, to a scale of 1:100 000, more detailed than the realized ones previously.

In case of Camagüey, today one works to complete the information of the north underground basin of major importance of the territory, located in the localities of Alone, Lombillo and Imías, to the north of the territory, with potential for the agricultural and tourist development, added Echemendía.

It indicated that this natural resource acquires major relevancy for the nonexistence of a hydrographic network in this area, at the time that he emphasized that the supply projection to the tourism in the north keys of the province and the bordering communities will demand annually of this basin six million cubic meters of water. 

The specialist emphasized that the map incorporates the environmental dimension into the determination of the natural or intrinsic vulnerability of the soils and the rocks, and offers information necessary for the continuity and sustainability to the task of the mathematical modeling of the aquifers in current conditions and for the different stages that the climate change imposes.

Between them the over elevation of the average level of the sea and the presence, more and more frequent, of the periods of drought that bring prepared an increase of the development with aftereffect in the advance of the marine intrusion in coastal aquifers opened for the sea.

Conceived in the long term, until 2030, the project foresees also the formulation and studies planning hydrogeological in areas of state interest in his socio-economic or environmental importance, and the evaluation of the reservations and available resources and of development of the groundwater.

At present there are employed at him, in addition to Camagüey, the provinces of Holguín, Granma, Ciego de Avila and Havana. (ACN) (Photo: File)