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Sunday, August 25, 2019
Wednesday, July 18, 2018

International organism evaluates in Cuba capacity of answer to radiological emergencies

Havana, Jul 18. - A team of the International Organism of Atomic energy (OIEA) continues today in this capital a meeting with Cuban experts on the arrangements so that a mission should travel to Cuba in next November in order to check his preparation in case of emergency situations.

Phillip Vilar Welter and Antonio Ortiz Olmo represent the OIEA in the meeting organized by the National Center of Nuclear safety and in which there take part also specialists of the National staff of the Civil Defense (EMNDC) and other organisms of the central administration of the State.

Marta Alice Contreras Izquierdo, coordinating committee of the Network of Cuban Communicators (RECNUC), informed the same way that the Cuban authorities requested the examination with the target to evaluate the capacities and the organization of the nation for the preparation and answer to a radiological emergency, compared to the international standards of safety and good practices.

The EMNDC, it added, is the national authority entrusted to organize, to direct, to execute and to control the application of the politics of the State and the Government for the reduction of any type of disasters, including the radiological ones, typified of technological.

The professionals of the OIEA told in an initial exhibition that it is a question of providing recommendations, suggestions and good practices to his hosts with regard to the preparation and answer to radiological emergencies, and that it does not try about an audit, not an examination, not of comparing to a few countries with others.

The methodology of this type of missions consists of the review of documents, visits to facilities and you interview specialists and experts of the nation, communications, public information and making of the final report.

Until not long ago, there have been carried out more than 44 missions of this type in 39 countries and in case of Latin America only Jamaica and Uruguay have received missions.

This year the OIEA has them planned in Bielarús, Canada and Cuba, where the radiological emergencies are given by the existence of centers and institutions that sources or ionized radiations use, according to the RECNUC board. (ACN) (Photo: File)