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Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Thursday, July 19, 2018

More than four thousand Cuban young people enjoys in summer camps

Havana, Jul 19. - More than four thousand young people emphasized in the study, the work and the defense enjoy the summer camps organized during the period of holiday and where there conjugate the recreational, educational and productive activities.

The initiative of the Communist Youth League(UJC) was born three years ago, like agreement of 10th Congress of the organization and it has been received enthusiastically in the different provinces, adds today the newspaper Juventud Rebelde.

Diosvany Acosta Abrantes, member of the National Bureau of the UJC, said that it is a question of an original proposal to enjoy Cuba in this summer stage, which has been provided with the support of numerous institutions, organisms and entities.

He informed that nationally there work 16 summer camps, which will support open seas during July and August and will receive for rotations the out-standing young people selected in the different fronts.

The leader added that every province designed an intense interactive program, by means of which the proper participants intervene with suggestions and proposals to make the stay cozier.

During his permanence they enjoy visits to places of economic and social interest, excursions, productive, motorhome days, sports competitions, presentations of books and courses of vocational formation. (ACN) (Photo: Radio Sancti Spiritus)