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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Cuban Vice-minister of Public Health developsfruitful visits to South Africa

Pretoria, Jul 19. - The Cuban vice-minister of Public Health, Alfredo González, assembles today with the South African holder of this portfolio, Aaron Motsoaledi, a meeting in which they will tackle the medical collaboration between both countries and his possible enlargement.

In conversation with Latin Press, the Cuban official said that in the meetings supported with South African authorities until now the good march of the relations has been repeated in the sector of the Health, which endorse strong political bonds.

The Vice-minister met yesterday vice chancellor Lluwellyn Landers and the minister of the Presidency responsible for Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, Nkosozana Dlamini Zuma.

In both meetings, he added, there were repeated the narrow relations of friendship and cooperation between both States and the possible enlargement of the cooperation in the Health sector.

González initiated on Sunday his visit to South Africa in Cape Town, where he was present at the graduation of 57 South African doctors who studied studies in the Caribbean Island, like report of a program of collaboration promoted by the missing presidents Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro.

As part of this idea, the program of doctors' formation of South Africa in Cubaarose, endorsed by agreements in this sense between the Departments of Health of two countries, signed in 1996.

Since then young people of this nation of Southern Africa joined gradually the medical universities of Cuba to study five years of studies, after which they return to South Africa to fulfill here last year of his career.

This program, which initiated in the course 1997-98 with approximately 30 students per year, was extended significantly in 2012 thanks to a new bilateral agreement.

On this matter, the official pointed out that at present two thousand 800 South African young people studies his medicine studies in Cuba and that 703 of them returned recently to this country to reach his formative period, linked to local universities.

In his speech during the ceremony of graduation of 57 physicians in Cape Town, the Vice-minister expressed that during his permanence in Cuba all the South African pupils, along with those of another 120 nations, have received a formation in welfare teaching stages, under the beginning of the Education in the Work.

This concept, it expressed, chases the target of a solid professional training and to reach the commitment of these pupils with his people from social, humanist, ethical and revolutionary values, which correspond to the requirements that they have if the doctors of the 21st century.

It constitutes a reflex of the deep bonds of friendship, solidarity and cooperation between the governments and peoples of Cuba and South Africa, it stood out.

This program, González abounded, it represents a pride for the members of the teachers' cloister of the Cuban universities for having contributed to the formation of the professionals of the health of the sister South Africa.

After his interview this Thursday with the minister Motsoaledi, González will support a meeting with Cuban doctors who give services in the Gauteng province. (Text and photo: PL)