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Thursday, July 19, 2018

National ballet of Cuba The Cinderella opens period of the outstanding figure

Havana, Jul 19. - The National Ballet of Cuba, under the guidance of legendary artist Alice Alonso, interprets from today in this capital one of the most famous stories of the Frenchman Charles Perrault: The Cinderella.

The period Alice Alonso will take place in the Big Theater of Havana, every day until July 22, with choreography of the Cuban Pedro Consuegra.

The creator was inspired by the Perrault story to compose a version he would dance of The Cinderella in two acts and four scenes, with music of Johann Strauss (son) and designs of Armin Heinemann.

The work was released in 1996 in this capital with public's excellent reception and criticism, and as main course of the present period the company announces the débuts in principal rolls of young ballet dancers, who will share scene with the already consecrated ones.

Grettel Morejón, Rafael Quenedit and Bárbara Fabelo integrate the cast of the first function; Ginett Moncho, Adrián Sánchez y Chavela Riera will assume the second one; while Chanell Cabrera and Yankiel Vázquez will lead the third one; and Viengsay Valdés, Dani Hernández and Claudia García will close the puttings.

Along with Greta, Gustavo and the Fairy Rava appears Leontine, the madrasta, in whose role they will be alternated Ernesto Díaz y Yansiel Pujada.

In opinion of the North American journalist Lewis Segal, Los Angeles Steal, The Cinderella of the National Ballet of Cuba occurs a version into which the character and the spirit remain subordinated to the classic story.

As well as, the Spanish critic Julio Bravo, of the newspaper ABC, highlighted the entertaining epilogue introduced by Mother of the son-in-law in the style of the big classic ballets and a step to two risky, brilliant and elaborated end. (PL) (Photo: File)