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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Camaguey argues biotech farming

Camagüey, Jul 25 .- With 28 years of founded a day like today, the Center for genetic engineering and biotechnology (CIGB) in the province of Camagüey stands out as the entity for the development and manufacture of farming within the system of biotechnology products in Cuba.

Gavac vaccine against ticks of cattle, and Porvac against hog cholera, and the bionematicide Hebernem for the control of nematodes in protected culture houses, are drugs that are currently marketed in Cuba under the brand name of the institution scientific.

According to data provided to the ACN for Yamilka Ramírez Núñez, senior specialist of the trade group of the CIGB on the territory of Gavac, flagship of the Centre, are invoiced a million and a half dose until this month, little more than half of the year plan.

The scope of Gavac at the national level was 900 thousand heads of cattle until the end of 2017, certified by the Department of Health Animal of the Ministry of Agriculture, which must be increased at the end of the first half of this year, thanks to the first calendar vaccination campaign.

Porvac, vaccine's recent record in the basic box of veterinary medicinal products in the country, already applied in nine provinces and almost 760 thousand doses, mainly aimed at the multiplier and genetic units of industry have been released swine national.

Added Yamilka Ramírez that have been marketed almost Hebernem thousand 500 units or bags for throughout Cuba culture houses, but also ongoing introductory studies of the byproduct in plantations open.

Nemesio González Fernández, head of the Department of research and development of the IGBC in Camaguey, explained that the entity, as part of the system of biotechnology in Cuba, Rector by the CIGB of Havana, is responsible for developing technology and producing the formulations for agricultural and veterinary use.

The CIGB in Camagüey has three plants, one for bacteria and yeast fermentation, purification, and for the formulation of vaccines, where the three products involved in some phase of their obtaining, another plant for cultivation of mammalian cells for Porvac, and another for the formulation of Bioproducts as Hebernem.

 Gonzalez said that in Camagüey it is assumed the development of technologies and production of results of projects being investigated in Havana's CIGB and the own territory, currently focused mainly in the Bioproducts research to cover one in Camagüey wide range of agricultural diseases.

Opened on July 25, 1989, when the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, leader of the Cuban revolution, visited the newly built, the IGBC in Camaguey maintains premise create biotechnology components of high value-added in closed cycle, for export and import substitution. (ACN) (Photo: File)