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Friday, July 19, 2019
Monday, August 20, 2018

Intensified in Camagüey the use of renewable energy

By Maykel Torres la Rosa / Radio Cadena  Agramonte.

Many believe that coal, oil or gas are natural sources of energy inexhaustible, but the truth is that they take thousands, or millions of years to generate. In contrast, their overuse is producing their rapid depletion, so we must take real awareness of this.

The energy revolution, program devised by the Cuban leader Fidel Castro, marked the starting point to address this problem, looking towards the use of renewable, in order to be less dependent on the use of hydrocarbons, in a international context where the price of a barrel of crude at around $80.

Today the challenge is to achieve savings and energy efficiency of consumers, through the development of models based on an appropriate balance between the demands of the population on welfare and quality of life and the sustainable exploitation of the natural resources.

To favor the future health of the planet, the Camagüey´s Electric Company focuses on plans to investors and rearrangement of the electrical system on the use of renewable sources, and already in several isolated environments, the landscape has begun to change with sites of power in full sun.

As part of that strategy in the territory more than a thousand 400 families of intricate communities have been favored with the installation of solar panels and are currently built three new photovoltaic parks, one in the community of Lugareño, in the municipality of Mines; another near plant mechanics, in the capital city; and in the Lesca, in Sierra de Cubitas.

In the province there is already equal number of units synchronized to the national Electro-energetic system: "August 13" located in the North ring road in the capital province, with a generation of 1.2 megawatts (MW), in the municipality of Guáimaro with power installed 1.6 MW, most of Imias, in Sierra de Cubitas, with a capacity of 2.2 MW in the peak solar generation.

This technology can be widely used in any time of the year and allows multiple needs with a very low environmental impact. According to data provided by specialists from the electric company in Camagüey, Cuba receives solar radiation capable of generating 5 kilowatts/hour per square meter per day.

There is no doubt that solar power is a virtually inexhaustible resource and to be captured by panels of photovoltaic cells, daily saves the use of thousands of tons of fossil fuels, in addition to being effective, economical and be within reach of all.

Other advantages, is resistance to weather conditions typical of the island as high winds, rains and hailstones, confirming more and more its extraordinary potential to increase the production of goods and services benefit to the whole society, and achieve higher levels of socio-economic development.

Cuba is undergoing change their energy and commitment to a viable and sustainable alternative matrix: the use of renewable energy sources, which are also an effective way of preserving the environment, because during its exploitation does not emit gases of greenhouse effect, the main cause of global warming. (Photo: File)