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Thursday, July 18, 2019
Monday, August 20, 2018

Contribution of young people to agricultural production is growing in Camagüey

Camagüey, Aug 19. - Although distant even from the ideal scenario for the fields of Camagüey, it is encouraging, compared with other times, growing presence and, with it, the contribution of young people in agricultural production.

The number growing girls and boys that sweat  blouses and shirts in the Groove or cattle farms is a sign of promising awakening of a youth movement decided to "anchors" in these urged Plains of labor force.

It is the fruit, still in the making, of the actions taken by the peasant organization (ANAP) in conjunction with the Union of young communists (UJC), aimed at stopping the progressive aging of its membership and form a stable and secure release.

Greater linkages and communication managers and officials of the ANAP and the UJC with productive bases have affected better care of young people who join the sector filled with quite a few doubts and expectations.

According to information to which they had access this journalist, 195 256 cooperatives existing in the province are the peasant youth brigades, which does not mean that all is working properly or with the best quality.

Therefore, that insists on the necessary advice to the performance of these in the bosom of the productive units, without "killing" the initiative and creativity of young people according to the specific conditions, possibilities and resources of each place.

Its members are the first quarry to join the ranks of the UJC, hence the important form they conduct where personal example, peasant shame and seriousness in fulfilling have prevailed.

It is young people who join the same to cultivate a hectare of banana, planting sugarcane, confronting rustlers, repair the community school, participate in a baseball cap, visit a historic site or to hike to the beach.

When a favorable climate is reached it can be said that there is a close rapport between the Board, the core of the Communist Party and the core Committee, all in pursuit of the productive challenges, which are not few and far less easy to solve.

In this unity of action, not always successful, is the most expeditious way to bring together wills and identify young people with the collective projects, not outside with the aspirations that individually have those who choose to engage in the cultivation of the land.

But above those goals of organizational and functional type is the purpose of dignifying, encourage and recognize those who come today, in the hard agricultural work, an honest and useful form of social contribution and personal fulfillment. (Text and photo: taken from profile on Fb of Miguel Febles Hernandez / Granma correspondent)