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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

In Camagüey, bipersonal exhibition that he reminds to Rolando Escardó and Severo Sarduy

Camagüey, Ago 21. - Like two unknown heralds of the Cuban abstraction there qualified the critic of art and healer Pavel Alejandro Barrios to writers Rolando Escardó and Severo Sarduy, on having made the bipersonal exhibition inaugurated in the city of Camagüey, “Rolando's plane returns to Paris”.

More than 30 pieces, between paintings and original drawings and some copies accompanied by thoughts of two creators, fragments of mail and extracts of his poems, it contains this sample that Julián Morales exhibits until middle of September in the gallery, of the Camagüey´s branch of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC).

Also companions' criteria are exhibited on his lives and evaluations of his works, everything necessary to make, somehow, the reunion possible between two friends, and to facilitate the return to his longed region, according to Quarters.

The healer added that Rolando Escardó and Severo Sarduy never had the happiness of exhibiting in Cuba, of showing here the abstractions that allowed them to project contents for which they did not reach the words.

Both creators from Camagüey knew the exile and partners were in his native ground, in the literary gatherings of the Bar Mail or the San Jose, in the city of the tinajones, part of whose historical center is at present a Cultural heritage of the Humanity.

Rolando Escardó died in an accident of the transit, while “it was chasing his sleep of buying a plane to give it to the Cuban revolutionary air fleet. He was going to pay it with poems, with the occurred poems of the First National Meeting of Poets, Writers and Artists, celebrated in Camagüey in 1960”.

As well as Severo Sarduy died of AIDS “in the Paris of his sleep, with his nostalgias cubenses and the living memory of this archaeology that was supporting it drawing tinajoncitos big-bellied in the margins of the letters and admitting to him his friendly writers: Condemn nothing while I return, hope for me”.

Rolando, Pavel Alejandro emphasized, “he was an explorer of his city, of the original history of his nations, and he backtracked streets and alleys, caves and caverns”, while Sarduy “explored grounds and exotic limits, antagonistic worlds.

Now, with “Rolando's longed plane”, both artists fly over together his Camagüey. (Text and photos: Lázaro David Najarro Pujols / Radio Camagüey)