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Friday, November 22, 2019
Thursday, August 23, 2018

Camaguey falls to Las Tunas in Cuban championship baseball

Havana, Aug 23. - Camagüey completed the day harmful for the leaders of the 58 Edition of the National Baseball Series, when losing 4-5 before the host and defending runner-up Las Tunas, with the main protagonist in Yordanis Alarcón, who drive two races of the victory.

The Tunas’ team were losing 3-4 in the bottom of the ninth inning, but Alarcon, with two out and full bases, drove in the tie and the of the win, to leave laying on the ground to the Camagüey.

The victory went to Pablo Alberto Civil closer, while opener Yariel Rodríguez loaded with the defeat.

Inaugurated the scoreboard last night the Camagüey´s athletes at the top of the first inning with three runs and added another by Alexander Ayala Homer in the third, like Las Tunas´ team, which scored two more in the sixth and two in the ninth.

Las Tunas closed with eight hits and an error to the defense, as well as the Camaguey, but with three indisputable.

On the day of the evening, were overcome the other quarters teams who woke up Wednesday of leaders, Villa Clara, Artemisa, Industriales and Ciego de Avila.

Villa Clara´s, Artemisa, the blue of the capital and the Ciego de Avila´s team fell to host Guantanamo, 0-3, Isle of youth, 3-5, Sancti Spíritus, 5-11, and Santiago de Cuba, 1-5, in a game that was on the verge of becoming a zero-hit game , zero career.

With two out, and in the ninth inning, Ciego de Avila´s Abdel Civil shot the quadrangular that broke what they hoped to celebrate in style the Santiago.

In the other two evening parties, Cienfuegos defeated 2-1 in eight innings by rain to killings, while Holguin and Granma, current owner, sealed by rain when the first won 4-2, and will encounter addressing two times today, like Pinar del Río and Mayabeque.

Pinar del Rio and Mayabeque suspended last night by rain.

Camaguey and Villa Clara appear with five wins, and lost three, while Artemisa, Industriales and Ciego de Ávila accumulate 6-4, as well as the now incorporated, Sancti Spíritus and Santiago de Cuba.

Then it is followed in the table of positions, island of youth (5-4), Guantanamo, Cienfuegos and Granma (5-5), Las Tunas (5-6), Mayabeque and Pinar del Rio (4-5), kills (2-7) and Holguin (1-8). (ACN) (Photo: File)