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Monday, January 25, 2021
Friday, August 24, 2018

Silver for double Cuban in World Cup of Boating

Montemor O Velho, Portugal, Ag 24. - The double Cuban integrated by Serguey Torres and Fernando Jorge obtained today the silver medal in the modality of C2, at the thousand meters distance, in the World cup of Boating with head office here.

The natives of the Antilles registered time of three minutes, 39 seconds and 462 hundredths, behind the German couple composed by Yul Oetze and Peter Kretschmer (3:38:207). These retained the title of last year, they are the current European champions and in case of Kretschmer the Olympian primate of London shows also 2012.

The third position corresponded to the Russians Kirill Shamshurin and Ilya Pervhukin, with 3:40:647 minutes, both with one extensive list of winners in the forms C4 and C2 at continental level and of the world.

For the Cuban Torres it is his eighth medal mundialista and the silver fourth one in this category, while Jorge repeats along with the proper rower the second place of the previous edition in Republic Checa-2017. (PL) (Photo: Cubadebate)