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Monday, June 17, 2019
Monday, August 27, 2018

Created in Havana a giant CubaLibre in Pan-American Championship of Cocktail bar (+ Photos)

Havana, Ag 27. - An enormous 500-liters gulp CubaLibre opened in this capital the celebrations of 22nd Pan-American Championship of Cocktail in which there take part more than 200 persons of 18 countries.

A high glass with a gigantic toss stick they allowed to more than 100 persons, especially famous Cubanbartenders, to make this Sunday the cocktail at first thought like the biggest of the world, but later presented like the biggest of Cuba.

Nevertheless, despite technical elements that perhaps marked the rhythm of the change of denomination, it is a question of a cocktail that the Record Guinness must bear in mind, not only for its size, but for the coloring that he accompanied to this action.

The Championship began in the hotel HavanaLibreTryp of this city, its head office until August 31, stage in which the specialists in prepared by means of alcohol will compete in the Classic, Free forms, of Presidents of associations and others.

In addition, lecturesare foreseen on related topics with the cocktail and chats of the sponsors, who refill a long list of at least 20 signatures.

Among the sponsors, there is Havana Club, which precisely contributed 20 boxes of nine liters of its rum of three years of ageing, that along with the refreshment Tukola of the signature The Portals, very much ice and lemon juice, completed the prowess of the gulp, much Cuban and famous.

Before to this test of the CubaLibre, this Sunday, the Ambassadors' Lounge of the Hotel was a stage of the parade of the flags of the countries assistants, it spread extremely crowded that stood out for happiness and satisfaction demonstrated by the delegations.

The president of the Cuban Association of Bar attendants (ACC), José RafaMelem, gave the welcome to the participants along with other managers.

Cocktail shaker they come to the holiday the president of International Bartenders Association (IBA)), PepiDioni; the vice-president for South America, Diego Mato, and the vice-holder for America, AdriánJuárez.

Cuba belongs to IBA from 2002 and one year later local Sergio Serrano managed to gain a world cup of this specialty, precisely the person who led the initiative of the Free Cuba gigantic.

This country was the first one in having an association of bartenders in the Planet, in 1924, and all the authorities of the sector recognize his authority as for this profession, and his tie with the tourism.

The participants in the Championship are from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, the United States, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Portugal and Cuba, with Belize and Panama like guests.

IBAis provided at present with 68 member countries. This is the second occasion that the island receives the head office of a Pan-American one and inhales for 2022 to serve as stage for the meeting of this type, but on a global scale. (PL) (Photos: Cubadebate and PL)