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Friday, July 19, 2019
Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The United Nations highlights the Cuban role in the South-South cooperation

United Nations, Sep 12. - The special envoy of the United Nations for South-South cooperation, Jorge Chediek, highlighted today the role played by Cuba in this area, despite having limited resources.

Cuba - without vast resources - has done a fantastic work in terms of South-South cooperation, for example, doctors from the brigades of the country attended a thousand 500 million people from different places, told Prensa Latina.

Then, that means a country does not have to be rich, but to have a strong commitment and to know how to organize the cooperation, he said.

In addition, he expressed his confidence regarding the fact that the South-South relations will change the world: Latin America in general, and several countries, in particular, are doing a great job in that sense.

Chediek said that there are many specific cases of collaboration between nations of Latin America and Africa, and he also spoke of what Brazil has been done in the sectors of agriculture, politics and economics, social areas and others.

All of this has great impact on Africa because these exchanges are recognized as practices carried out with allied nations to the situation in that continent, he said.

Latin America cooperation with Africa – particularly the one driven by countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, is quite significant, he said.

He even added that other less developed states have an important role, although  the South-South cooperation is associated with some degree of development and certain amount of resources.

This Tuesday, the UN presented the English version of the publication South-South in action, which collects these and other data, and offers a vision of those interactions. Precisely on this date, we celebrate the United Nations day for South-South cooperation. The deputy Secretary general of the organization, Amina Mohammed, said that developing countries have become key players to implement the 2030 agenda at an event to commemorate the anniversary,.

His leadership, practices and experiences have played an important role in the global transformation, he stressed. (Texto y foto: PL)